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Upcountry Towing will pick up any car for a fee. If you no longer want the car they will tow the car away regardless of condition. Do you have a car that is no longer running or in need of costly repairs? Upcountry Towing can tow that car away and ensure proper recycling. They can have that car removed from your home or parking area today. Have your cared hauled today by calling 808-281-8713.

End of Life Vehicle Recycling

Upcountry is a Hawaii State Licensed towing company picks up vehicles that have expired registrations and lost or missing ownership documents, abandoned vehicles and vehicles with tickets. They take care of the notice of transfer documents, towing and the removal of the vehicle. Knowing there various reasons vehicle ownership cannot be transfered at the DMV including back registration fees and missing documents, signatures not matching or documents signed in wrong place. Just call Robert for the full story and the no stress information. Robert can be reached at 808-281-8713.

Need To Sell Your Used Car Notice

As of February 1, 2014 the only Maui recycler stopped paying for junk vehicles. Some end of life vehicles may still have some value and some have zero value and may require you to pay our discounted removal fee to tow and process the vehicle at the recycler. To determine the value of a vehicle we need to ask some simple questions! We may be able to purchase and remove various vehicles with all kinds of issues.

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Cash for Cars Maui Frequently Asked Questions

What is an end of life vehicle?
An end of life vehicle is usually a vehicle that the owner parked because it was just not reliable and the cost of repairs, tax and safety problems forced the owner to make the decision to retire the vehicle and move on. Vehicles all have a life span and I have seen hundreds of dead and worn out vehicles. Depending on the vehicle, many were not good vehicles when initially manufactured. All vehicles have a life span and 80,000 to 120,000 is the critical period depending on the driver and the maintenance performed.

How do you do your price quotes?
What I look at is the cost of my fuel, the time and distance to pick up the vehicle and the weight of the vehicle. Top dollar for a salvage vehicle at the scrap yard delivered by the owner is $10.00 for a 1000 lbs. The average vehicle weighs 2800 lbs. A Ford Ranger for example weighs 2700 depending on the model, more or less. A Honda? The same.

Why should I scrap my vehicle?
The vehicles I recycle will not haunt you with tickets and future Liability. Leaving the vehicle on the side of the road could cost you a good deal of money.

Why we pay more for your vehicle?
I am both a expert mechanic and an auto salvager and I will be honest with you. I usually pay more for end of life vehicles than any one else on Maui because I know the true value of your vehicle and can offer individual prices for each car. IN addition, I run a family towing operation with low overhead which translates into more money and a friendly service experience for you.